Frogames provides indie game developers with professional high quality assets and services.

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Services for game developers

Frogames provides resources to speed up the production of your game. We offer affordable content packs and operate as external contractors for art creation. We mainly work for indie developers.

We are well-know for being skilled, reactive, professional, artists with front-line experience that provide an excellent quality-price ratio.

If you want to work with us or get a quote, please contact us.

3D Models, textures
3D Characters, animated, fbx


Characters must be created, optimized and animated with care. Frogames brings you its rigour and unique point of view to create player, non player, two-legged, four-legged, flying, scrawling and jumping characters!


Terrain, fog, atmospheric effects, ground, sky, water textures ... Frogames can create all these elements for your project to make your game universe homogeneous and make the player's immersion possible.

3D objects

You will need more than characters and environments to make your game. Frogames help you to fill your levels with creatures, buildings, vehicles, in animated or non-animated sets...

UI and 2D

Frogames provide their know-how and its creativity in realizing user interfaces, menus, marketing portfolios, marketing video footage and all sorts of illustrations (jacket, user's guides, maps...).

3D Models for Unity3D
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