This page presents the content of the Frogames Building 1 Pack.

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Assembling Buildings together is very easy with Vertex Snapping.

Unity Name: Building01_4Floor_3Sect
Tris: 3418

Unity Name: Building01_4Floor_2Sect
Tris: 2220

Unity Name: Building01_4Floor_1Sect
Tris: 1270

Unity Name: Building01_4Floor_90angle
Tris: 852

Unity Name: Building01_3Floor_3Sect
Tris: 2756

Unity Name: Building01_3Floor_2Sect
Tris: 1768

Unity Name: Building01_3Floor_1Sect
Tris: 1030

Unity Name: Building01_3Floor_90angle
Tris: 689

Unity Name: Building01_2Floor_3Sect
Tris: 2058

Unity Name: Building01_2Floor_2Sect
Tris: 1324

Unity Name: Building01_2Floor_1Sect
Tris: 794

Unity Name: Building01_2Floor_90angle
Tris: 529

Unity Name: sidewalk1
Tris: 6

Unity Name: sidewalk2
Tris: 6

Unity Name: sidewalk3
Tris: 6

Unity Name: sidewalk4
Tris: 10

Unity Name: sidewalk5
Tris: 18

Unity Name: sidewalk6
Tris: 19

Unity Name: sidewalk7
Tris: 18

Unity Name: sidewalk8
Tris: 12

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